• Emotion in motion.
    Tasty design for video.

    From TV to web to presentations, everything can use a little graphic support. That’s our job.

  • Our ideas are crazy.
    Crazy practical.

    We’re not in this for awards. We just want to make you look good. Real good.

  • Cows are branded.
    People deserve better.

    When we create a look for your company or project, you feel the love, not the burn.

  • Cheap, fast and great.
    Choose 3.

    Why should you pay for their rent, receptionist and junior designers? We cook tasty and light.


When a client comes to us, there's a clear need: a logo or brand change, a video for an upcoming conference, a car commercial or promo. We grab that challenge and run with it. We ideate. We sketch. We look for the clever concept or the clean, clear approach. Whatever is most appropriate for the client's sensibilities and budget.


Most of our animation is produced with Adobe After Effects, but we use whichever software, media and techniques are necessary to develop the video or product. We team with the very best videographers, 3D animators, voice-over talent and so on. The top designer at Pixel Soup is always the main guy on the job.


The advances in technology have made this part the easiest and cheapest step in the process. Most video files are rendered in H.264 format. Perfectly sharp and beautiful graphics and video rendered in a very small file size. We send the final movies via Hightail or DropBox. Quick and easy. We save all the project files and assets so we can continue to serve our clients going forward.

  • Big clients, difficult problems, Stuart is my go-to-guy for projects that matter.
    Jim Granger, Mobile UX and Design @ Intel

  • His graphic approach is clean and visually impactful and he listens to his clients needs.
    Marcia Mulé, producer

  • His work has been phenomenal.
    Jon Modelevsky, Field Distribution Director @ AARP

  • When you want it right, precise, creative and surprisingly original, Stuart is the man.
    Barry Orell, writer/producer, Boston's CW

  • Stuart is the rare example of a designer who is equally strong with both visuals and the written word.
    Orrin Zucker, Ozone

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In-House Skills

We're really good at a lot of things and what we can't do, we know how to get. No worries.

  • After Effects 100%
  • Photoshop 100%
  • Illustrator 90%
  • Editing 85%
  • Edge (HTML5) 75%